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Zhangjiajie travel

Recently, Zhuzhou Hansen Chemicals Co., LTD. (Hunan Ansen Biotechnology Co., LTD.) organized a three-day team travel activity in Zhangjiajie, aimed at increasing the cohesion of the team and enhancing the happiness of employees working in Hunan Ansen.
At five o 'clock in the morning, we came to the gate of the company, about 11 o 'clock to Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, the fresh air in the early morning, the morning sky, the mountains, the scenery is very beautiful.
We went to several famous scenic spots in Zhangjiajie during the three-day trip: Forest Park, Huanglong Cave, charming Xiangxi performance, Yuan Jiajie, Tianzi Mountain, Tusi King City, Tianmen Mountain, glass walkway.Three consecutive days and two nights of play let us completely relax and enjoy the beauty of this!Thank the company for the benefits of employees, in the work to enjoy this pleasant beauty!